Forging Products
Our forging factory produces around 30,000 tons of forged pieces annually. It possesses oil press of 8500 & 4000 ton force, EAF furnace up to 240 ton ingot, ESR furnaces up to 220 ton remelted ingot, and VIM/VAR vacuum furnaces up to respectively 16 ton vacuum induction melted ingot and 30 ton vacuum arc remelted ingot. Thus, we are able to process high quality large forged pieces. Our main products include: steam/gas/hydro turbine rotors, turbogenerator rotors, centrifugal casting pipe mould and mould steel block. Main materials include: low-alloy structural steel, heat-resistant high-alloy steel, mould steel and super alloy, etc.

Our Mould Steel Dealers
Hong Kong responsible area
Hong Kong Technical Special Steel Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Miss Xiao
Tel: 86-769-8655 1828, 86-138 2615 5389

South China responsible area
Dongguan Technical Steel Products Co., Ltd.
No. 5, Industrial Road, Chi Kan Village, Shi Pai Town, Dongguan City
Contact person: Miss Xiao
Tel: 86-769-8655 1822, 86-138 2615 5389

Shenzhen Deruite Mould Steel Co., Ltd.
Block 4, Lehuahang Industrial Park, Shi Yan Town, Shenzhen City
Contact person: Mr. Cui
Tel: 86-755-2346 4455, 86-138 2331 5819

Western Part of Pearl Delta responsible area
Dongguan One Create Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Guanshen Industrial Park, Dongshen 2nd Line, Zhutang,Fenggang, Dongguan City
Contact person: Mr. Lin
Tel: 86-769 8786 2244, 86-135 8085 3085

Eastern China responsible area
Suzhou Excellent Snyder Special Technology Co., Ltd.
Block 2&3, No. 29 ZhouMaTang Road, Mudo Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, JiangSu
Contact person: Mr. Chen
Tel: 86-512-6656 2699, 86-138 1263 6969

Shanghai Sade Mould Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 252 ShangYu Road, XinBangTwon, SongJiang District, Shanghai City
Contact person: Mr. Lu
Tel: 86-21-5789 0687, 86-139 1508 6396

Zhejiang Metron Mould Technology Co., Ltd. (Die Casting Project Specialist)
No 108, Fenghuang Shan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Contact person: Mr. Jing
Tel: 86-574 8611 2185, 86-137 3832 7986

Shangdong Province responsible area
Qingdao Yugu Special Steel Co., Ltd.
North of Jinsheng Road, Jinling Industrial Park, Lahongtan,Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong
Contact person: Mr. Lin
Tel: 86-532 8096 9881, 86-135 7322 0514

Hunan and Hubei Province responsible area
Hunan BOSA Mould Steel Co., Ltd.
Block 3, No. 6 Dingsheng Road, High-tech Park, Liuyang City, Hunan
Contact person: Mr. Lin
Tel: 86-731 8330 7771, 86-138 2690 5561